Far Rockaway, NY – NYC Rabbi Gets Prison For Misappropriating Funds


    FILE - Rabbi Samuel Hiller at his arrest Far Rockaway, NY – A New York City rabbi has been sentenced to prison for misappropriating funds that were marked for disabled preschoolers.

    Hiller was assistant director of the now-defunct Island Child Development Center located in Far Rockaway on Cornaga Avenue. It provided services to Jewish communities in Far Rockaway, Queens, and Brooklyn’s Williamsburg and Borough Park neighborhoods.

    The funds were misappropriated to cover educational expenses of another institution, now no longer run by the defendant. The defendant was charged with first degree grand larceny, NY PL 155.42. The sentence was limited to between one to three years due to the fact that Hiller derived no benefit from the vast majority of the funds.

    State prison is mandatory for anyone convicted under PL 155.42. The statute has a maximum sentence of eight and one third to twenty five years behind bars. Predicate felons, those with felony records within the past ten years, face a minimum of four and one half to nine and a maximum of twelve and one half to twenty five years in state prison.

    Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown and state Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli made the sentencing announcement on Tuesday that Hiller will be sentenced to between one to three years.

    Restitution is part of Hiller’s plea agreement.

    Three co-defendants also pleaded guilty for their involvement, which occurred between 2005 and 2012.

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