London – Charged With Spreading Hate, Brooklyn’s Rabbi Mizrachi Banned From Entering UK


    London – A hugely popular Brooklyn rabbi whose sometimes controversial statements have found him subjected to torrents of criticism found himself banned from a flight to London today by the United Kingdom’s Home Office.

    Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi has raised public ire on several occasions with contentious statements including saying that children who are born with Down Syndrome and autism are atoning for sins committed in a previous life, while those who are blind are doing penance for having watched pornography in a prior existence.

    Word began spreading yesterday that he could be denied entry into the country because of his remarks, as reported by The London Times ( and he was prevented from boarding his plane to the United Kingdom earlier today.

    Times Of Israel ( reported that Rabbi Mizrachi had originally been scheduled to speak at three synagogues in northern London: Beit Hamedrash Knesset Yechezkel in Golders Green, Seuda Shlishit Knesset Yechezkel and the Heichal Leah Synagogue in Hendon on topics including “Defeating the Modern Day Amalek.” The Heichal Leah Synagogue later announced that Rabbi Mizrachi’s lecture would not be held due to a scheduling change.

    A spokesperson for the Home Office said that those who come to spread hatred will be barred from entering the country.

    “This government upholds free speech but we will not let it be used to excuse detestable views that directly contravene our values,” said the spokesperson. “We take the threat from extremism seriously and we will challenge it wherever we see it.”

    As previously reported on VIN News ( Rabbi Mizrachi came under fire several years ago after saying that only one million Jews had died in the Holocaust. He later apologized for those remarks, but also said that his words had been deliberately misconstrued in an effort to discredit him, with segments of previous lectures spliced together in a distortion of his remarks.

    Among those who have voiced opposition to Mizrachi’s statements are England’s chief rabbi, Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and hundreds of people signed a 2016 petition categorizing him as a “hate preacher” and calling for him to be banned from Britain. David Toube, director of Qulliam, a London-based think tank focusing on counterextremism, said that he was pleased that the mainstream Jewish community was united in opposing Rabbi Mizrachi.

    Rabbi Mizrachi, who has an estimated 200,000 followers on social media, gave a different account of the situation, saying that after hearing that his detractors told British authorities that he had spoken out against homosexuality and Palestinians, he elected to cancel his trip.

    “I saw in the news reports published this morning that they would review my claim and then decide if they will let me into the country,” Rabbi Mizrachi told VIN News. “I couldn’t take the risk of traveling for hours, with a big suitcase full of my books, getting there and having to sit for hours while they make their decision and then worry about having to possibly make it back home in time for Shabbos.”

    According to Rabbi Mizrachi, he received over 1,000 supportive emails today from his followers.

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    4 years ago

    It’s funny but a little ridiculous. He’s an “Idiot” but surely not to the level to be banned from entering the country! I’m sure there are a lot of worse human garbage that is allowed in.

    4 years ago


    4 years ago

    Can we get him banned from New York too?

    4 years ago

    “Sins from a previous life?” I know darn little about your religion, but this guy sounds like a Buddhist.

    4 years ago

    This guy is nuts! He has a gift of gab, where originally he sounds like a moron but after listening to him he has an interesting way with words. That is how he lures people to tune in. However, he says the most stupid, idiotic, and hurtful things, and unfortunately he has a platform.
    He picks up a Zohar that says if a man has self pleasure his seed goes to the first wife of Adam who is still running around today doing bad things. Adam divorced her because she insisted to being on top during relations. Her name is Lilith she is the same one who steals (kills) babies from the crib, and it is because of her we don’t cut the hair of a boy until 3 years old, as a way to fool her. (I guess stealing girls are not so bad-no loss)
    This dope tells men – how many sperm are there in each time? A few million! Lilith takes them, has babies and these children chase the father to do him bad stuff. That is why we don’t allow children to go to the Bais Ha’chaim for a father, since we make a “NO Children” rule and the “others” can’t come. He tells men they all have around 62.5 billion kids each….and it is no-good.
    All this is a figment of someones imagination, and so is this slick talking fool.

    4 years ago

    #4 you ain’t no expert on Zohar. Lol. As for Rabbi Mizrachi, he’s a true Tzaddik. He’ll shall come to those who turned him away. Maybe I’ll get banned from England now for saying that. these wicked left wing government official there that let every low life Arab and Sheikh in to the country, but ban anyone that speaks the truth- including Michael Savage.

    Active Member
    4 years ago

    if he said it is possible, then OK, but of course how does he know?

    but to ban him from the UK for this stupid statements? also stupid….

    4 years ago

    As someone who has listened to Rabbi Mizrachi for about 10 years, there is nothing he says which doesn’t have a genuine source; most of the comments are lies and slander, ignorant prejudice.

    4 years ago

    First of all, “Rabbi” Mizrachi isn’t from Brooklyn–he lives in Monsey. I have long said that he sometimes just seems to talk without thinking as he did when he said that “only” one million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust. Sure, he was set straight by some survivors and apologized saying he didn’t know. I wish he was banned from Brooklyn as well, but he seems to be here all the time. Yes, we all know about gilgulim, but how does he know why someone came back as a gilgul? It seems to me like he is trying to be a cult leader. A word to the wise, Rabbi–sometimes it’s better not to say things in public.

    4 years ago

    so…. that means the Knighting ceremony is off?

    4 years ago

    I have to agree with the first poster. Something more than weird when the same Britain that blocked parents from taking their sick baby (Charlie Gard) to another country for treatment (at no cost to the British treasury) and instead let the baby die by removing the baby from life support against the wishes of the parents, now decides to ban someone from speaking about suffering in this life for sins of a past life. Actually, to be consistent they would also have had to ban Mother Teresa who also taught about suffering being the will of G-d and you have to suffer through.

    4 years ago

    I think the problem here is that, if I heard correct, the Zohar is not supposed to be read by those who are below 40 and have not finished shas yet. So there are things there that are not supposed to be read by the vast majority of the population, but only those who hold very high levels of kedusha – for them it may be appropriate, just like in the Bayis Hamikdash there were separate sections who can go where.

    To say to the public that Adam’s wife is like a demon is very inapropriate and can turn off many women. Aside from the fact that maybe what is written in Zohar is not the whole story and is being grossly missunderstood.

    Hashem created Chava and she is supposed to be a reflection of Adam. If she went wrong, maybe it was because of the wrong with Adam himself…Maybe he has to fix himself first, and then Chava will be better as well. It may be all his fault.

    4 years ago

    I think he is making a good living being outrageous. Is he really a Rabbi?

    4 years ago

    I have listened to many of rav mizrachis lectures. People may not like to hear the truth about their wrong doings and get angry at him.
    As far as the UK, those home office mamzairim wouldnt try that with some of the arab mamzeirim(omar.cortez,talib) .A suicide bomber would take care of the home office.All those wanting to hear his lectures can go to his website. Perhaps he could tailor a lecture to the UK. Its amazing that the UK with all their arab problems among brexit problems have nothing to do except keep rav mizrachi out.

    4 years ago

    I heard that the concept of gilgulim is not mentioned in the gemara. Why not? If the gemara speaks about everything under and over the sun why not gilgulim too? I think because it’s too complex for us to grasp and it’s best left to the mekuballim. a speaker may mention a concept that is beyond the level of the audience which is fine because it may encourage people to learn more and become the future mekubbalim. Everything is gam zu l’tova. For what ever reason HASHEM wanted rabbi mizrachi to stay in new york this week so this was one way to keep him here. may we all merit to soon understand the ways of HASHEM.