Poway, CA – Watch: Hero Who Saved Children At Chabad Shul Shooting Reconstructs Dramatic Moments From The Scene


    Almog  Peretz, reconstructs the dramatic moments from the scene, inside the ShulPoway, CA – Saturday’s attack at the Chabad of Poway synagogue saw a few clear heroes: one of them was Almog Peretz, wounded while shepherding children to safety. Such spirit is why terror will not win.

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    Peretz, an Israeli attending with family, was already escorting several children to an exit when he veered to gather in one more. That’s when the terrorist clipped him in the leg.

    In an exclusive Israel CH. 13 news video interview, Peretz, reconstructs the dramatic moments from the scene.

    You can see the bullet holes left in the walls and furniture, and the blood drops of the wounded on the floor of the playground.

    Watch below:

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