Albany, NY – Effort To Get Trump’s State Tax Return Advances In NY Senate


    Albany, NY – Legislation that would allow U.S. congressional committees to ask for President Donald Trump’s state tax returns is a step closer to getting a vote in New York’s Democrat-controlled Senate.

    A state Senate committee voted Tuesday to advance the bill. The chamber’s Democratic leaders say they expect a floor vote next week.

    The measure would authorize New York’s Tax Department to release state tax returns to a congressional committee if requested.

    Democrats who control the state Assembly say the legislation isn’t on their schedule yet.

    Congressional Democrats have requested the Republican president’s returns.

    But Trump says he won’t release them because he is under audit, although the IRS says an audit doesn’t bar public release. He has also said the filings are too complex for people to understand.

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    4 years ago

    Trump capped our salt deduction because it would benefit a state like New York that didn’t vote for him, now we will pass a law that hurts him sounds like a just punishment.

    4 years ago

    Rod Rosenstein: Obama and Comey Ignored Russian Hacking
    The Daily Conspiracy Team
    “The chickens are finally coming home to roost,” according to the number 2 man at the Justice Department.
    In fact, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had a few choice words in a private speech Thursday night regarding how former President Obama and former FBI Director Comey conducted themselves after learning about the Russian hacking.
    Rosenstein — who became embroiled within the Mueller investigation after Attorney General Jeff Sessions (remember him) recused himself, thus beginning the two year “witch-hunt” against the President — has apparently come full-circle with his assessment regarding Obama’s woeful inaction in confronting Russia and his decision “not to publicize the full story” to the American people

    4 years ago

    Finally, the Democrats are giving the president a fair chance to prove how honestly he conducts all of his business. I’m sure he is having a horrible time trying to control his excitement.

    I’m sure there are some highly educated, orange Kool-Aid guzzling, Trump Chumps out there who will find some sick and twisted way to claim he has nothing to hide.

    4 years ago

    Hard to see anything wrong is looking at the man’s tax forms.

    4 years ago

    MUELLER LETTER WRECKS TRUMP-BARR PHONY NARRATIVE. ANTI-CONSTITUTION TRUMP ON THE EDGE OF CLIFF. Faux news covering anything else but this, showing how scared they really are. Wrecking Constitution is NOT ‘maga’…

    4 years ago

    How about Obama and Biden and their AG in the Fast and Furious scandal that rocked the White House? That’s right, they refused to hand over the documents. And what happened to them??? Exactly.

    4 years ago

    Pathetic. If NY State passes a law that says that if Congress subpoenas Trump’s tax return they’ll release it (and not give President Trump the opportunity to ask NYS to wait until a court agrees that Congress has a right to see Trump’s NYS Tax returns against Trump’s wishes), the courts ought to step in. Firstly, its unconstitutional to pass a “Bill of Attainder”. Secondly, why would anyone who cares about Eretz Yisroel want to help the Democrats (who are finally showing their true colors) weaken President Trump??