New York – Jewish Philanthropist Eli Nash Finds His Next Enemy To Wage War: Pornography


    Eli NashNew York – Do you known someone who watches too much pornography? How do we know if it’s an addiction?

    Rabbi Abraham Twerski, the foremost expert on addiction in the Jewish community, said that he doubts that at any time in our people’s history there has been as grave a threat to the stability of the Jewish family as internet pornography.

    Despite how widespread and devastating it is, very few try to get the help they need.

    One man thinks he knows why and he is intent on changing that.

    Eli Nash, a well known philanthropist born and raised in Crown Heights, believes that shame and the inability to ask for help is what kept him in active addiction for so many years.

    In April, the co-Founder of MicDrop, shattered the silence with an explosive Ted talk on the subject. Today, having maintained sobriety for the better part of 6 years, Eli is speaking up.

    Nash grew up in the Chabad community of Crown Heights and has been a trailblazer in bringing to light issues impacting the Jewish world. He was one of the first survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the Orthodox Jewish community to publicly share his story.

    Nash’s outspoken approach on this issue led to countless survivors stepping forward and the growth of Jewish Community Watch (JCW), an organization aimed to prevent and educate about childhood sex abuse in the Orthodox world.

    The power of sharing his story led Nash to gather up the courage to share his next story and that is one of porn addiction.

    It is an issue that is sweeping all of society including the Orthodox word and until now has mostly remained in the shadows.

    “Shame and addiction are inseparable,” says Nash. “The process of healing begins with sharing our struggles with someone else and asking for help.”

    His Ted talk aims to reduce the shame not only for himself but for countless others battling this addiction.

    Click below or here to see his talk in full.

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    4 years ago

    Thank you, Eli. A brave and powerful message, for so many of us who have suffered in the same manner. Keep up your wonderful work.

    4 years ago

    Well done. May he be successful. Big zechus to fight this scourge.

    4 years ago

    does Chabad consider him a 2nd boteach, meaning outside the realm?

    4 years ago

    Thank You. Thank you. Thank you. For someone who has been suffering with this for years in isolation, this is the greatest gift. Thank you Eli for your brave words of healing. You will never know how many lives you have saved by sharing.

    4 years ago

    Good Eloi. Give money some to spend it on live ku..s, not pictures.

    4 years ago

    There is great org. which tries to help Orthodox addicts in this area. Guard your eyes at .