Norfolk, VA – Funeral Arrangements Being Made In Virginia And New Jersey As Search Crews Find Body Of Missing Rebbe


    Norfolk, VA – Funeral arrangements are being made for Rabbi Reuven Bauman, whose body was found just off the northern coast of North Carolina this afternoon.

    As previously reported on VIN News (, Rabbi Bauman went missing on Jully 9th after jumping into rough waters to rescue a day camper who was struggling in the ocean.

    Rabbi Bauman was a rebbe and secular studies teacher at Yeshiva Toras Chaim in Norfolk and the author of Yanky’s Amazing Discovery, a children’s book about young yeshiva student who has trouble concentrating in class.

    Rabbi Bauman’s body was found by members of Misaskim Baltimore in the waters just north of the North Carolina coastline at approximately 1:40 PM this afternoon, approximately six miles south of the location where he went missing. Aryeh Leib Freedman of Misaskim Baltimore said that search crews were directed to the area by the Coast Guard based on tides and winds in the region.

    After spotting Rabbi Bauman’s body in the water, they notified the search team command center of their location. Virginia Beach fire and police departments were called to the site, the Misaskim team accompanying the official boats back carrying Rabbi Bauman’s body back to shore.

    WAVY ( reported that Rabbi Alexander Haber positively identified Rabbi Bauman. The Virginia Beach Medical Examiner will also be making a positive identification of the body.

    Two funerals are expected to be held for Rabbi Bauman, one in Norfolk and the other at King Solomon Cemetery in Clifton, New Jersey.

    Volunteers from Misaskim Baltimore, Chaverim of Rockland County, Achiezer and Shomrim of Baltimore have spent days searching for Rabbi Bauman.

    Teams from Chai Lifeline’s Project Chai crisis intervention division traveled to Norfolk last week to offer support to members of the local community, with a July 18th community-wide conference call on the situation drawing over 1,000 callers.

    “The volunteers have been working long, hard, tiring days, spending their own time, money and effort and leaving their families behind,” Freedman told VIN News. “Even when they were completely exhausted, they refused to give up. They kept saying ‘we have to keep on trying.’”

    To donate to the Bauman family fund please click here.

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    4 years ago

    Bdh. Now words!! Me ka,amcho yisroel!
    May the neshama have an aliya.
    How so terribly sad!!

    4 years ago

    Certainly the best way to die. I hope I am granted it.

    4 years ago

    BD”E Amazing the achdus we yidden show in times of tragedy. With the onset of the 3 weeks & the 9 days, Let us all make a special effort to continue that achdus, say an extra capitle thellim, do an extra mitzvah, help an elderly Yid, say a kind word to a stranger all in the zuchus of Rabbi Reuven Bauman A”H. Let us all try to make this time leading up to Tish b’Av a time we show HaKodesh Borchu that we are worthy of Moshiach. Let us all comfort the family of Rabbai Bauman by our actions.May they never experience any further Tzar.

    Active Member
    4 years ago

    so tragic, bd”e