Washington – Orthodox Jewish Baltimore Woman Tapped To Head New NSA Cybersecurity Division


    In 2013 VIN News reporter Sandy Eller (L) speaks to Mrs. Neuberger at an event where she was honored as an Orthodox Jewish All Star by the Jew in the City.Washington – A former Machon Bais Yaakov of Boro Park graduate has earned the distinction of being the first Orthodox Jewish woman named to head a division of the National Security Agency.

    Anne Neuberger, a Baltimore resident, will head up the agency’s newly created cybersecurity directorate which is being formed to integrate the NSA’s offensive and defensive operations and is scheduled to become operational as of October 1st, reported the Wall Street Journal (https://on.wsj.com/2XVKZWK).

    NSA director General Paul Nakasone introduced the division at Tuesday’s International Conference on Cyber Security at Fordham University, explaining that it would create a greater emphasis on cybersecurity as a means of providing greater national security, naming the 43 year old Neuberger as its head.

    After graduating Touro College and Columbia Business School, Neuberger, the mother of two, enrolled in the White House Fellows program, a decision that led her to a career in government.

    Assigned to the Department of Defense, Neuberger worked for the secretary of defense and the secretary of the navy before finally moving on to the NSA, where she has held several senior positions including serving as the agency’s first chief risk officer and, more recently, overseeing security efforts designed to detect and prevent Russian interference in United States elections. She is also the founder of Sister To Sister, an organization that helps Orthodox single mothers.

    Neuberger is one of several women named to high level cybersecurity and intelligence positions under the Trump administration and among the highest ranking women at the NSA since the retirement of deputy director Ann Caracristi in 1982. Retired Army General Keith Alexander, a former NSA director and co-chief executive of a cybersecurity firm, described Neuberger as “an exceptional leader and truly talented.”

    In a 2013 VIN News interview at an event where she was honored as an Orthodox Jewish All Star by the Jew in the City, Neuberger talked about juggling a demanding high profile job with a religious lifestyle, noting that because of the strong work ethic she displayed during the week, her co-workers respected her need to take off for Shabbos and Jewish holidays.

    “This is the beauty of America – people who try to balance faith and work,” said Neuberger.

    According to CNN, Neuberger will make her first public appearance in her new capacity at the Annual Billington Cybersecurity Summit in Washington being held on September 4th.

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    4 years ago

    Kol HaKavod !

    4 years ago

    the Kenyan muslim would rather put in ilhan omar in this type of position, jack lew was a sell out.

    4 years ago

    what else could money buy you! She is a Karfunkel last I checked worth around 3.2B.

    4 years ago

    The hypocrisy of the religious education system is writ large. we shun going to collage and discourage pursuing non traditional roles, but when a insider had broken the barrier and reach a prominent position we suck up to them.

    Try to tell your leader of your school that your planning to send your kids to Colombia after they graduate and if girls that they will shake hands by meetings (yes, Anne Neuberger or Chana bas George Karfunkel does).

    I guess the musar haskel for youngsters is “don’t buy in the teachings from the mechanachim its fake” try silently to achieve your career and if you make it they will all adore you.

    4 years ago

    shame !now she will have no time for her children, or shul.

    4 years ago

    B”H what a wonderful achievement. It just goes to show that a Shomer Torah Mitzvah Yid can do anything without compromising their religious values. Please continue your good work and continue to be a SHINNING EXAMPLE to ALL of Klal Yisroel, men & women alike, No task is too great for a Yid who has Emunah in HKB”H. I don’t know you, but I could not be prouder of your accomplishent if you were my daughter or sister, we are all one and we should all Kvel.

    4 years ago


    4 years ago

    I bet she has a computer at home.
    And that she uses the Internet.

    4 years ago

    Very nice. But wouldn’t want to be in her position, if there is a serious breach by the Chinese or Russians…..which it’s not a question of if but when. They will throw this Frum Mommy of two under the bus so fast.