Miami, FL – Police Investigating As Jewish Man Shot Leaving North Miami Beach Young Israel


    Miami, FL – An Orthodox Jewish man in his late sixties was rushed to the hospital early this evening after being shot four times after leaving a North Miami Beach synagogue.

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    Police chaplain Mark Rosenberg told VIN News that the victim, 69 year old Warren Lipschutz, was sitting under an awning outside the Young Israel of Greater Miami at 990 NE 171st Street at 6:30 PM when a dark colored 2000 Impala pulled up in front of the synagogue.

    The driver of the car opened his door and fired six shots, four of them striking Lipschutz in the leg.

    It is unclear if anyone else was in the car at the time of the shooting and police have yet to release a description of the suspect.

    Lipschutz, whose injuries do not appear to be life threatening, was taken to Aventura Hospital and Medical Center where he is currently undergoing surgery.

    The incident comes nearly five years to the day after Rabbi Joseph Raksin of Brooklyn was killed as he walked to the Bais Menachem Chabad synagogue located two blocks north of the Young Israel, as previously reported on VIN News (

    The motive for today’s shooting remains unclear at this time. No words are believed to have been exchanged and nothing was taken from the victim.

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    4 years ago

    The Black savage who killed Rabbi Raskin bragged about it, and go away with it. This victim was intentionally targeted, because of who he is. Attacks on Jews has become an epidemic.

    4 years ago

    “The motive for today’s shooting remains unclear.”

    Like, maybe the victim owed the shooter money?

    Or the shooter was trying imitate William Tell? Or was experiencing a psychotic episode?

    I guess the possibilities are limitless.

    4 years ago

    EVER SINCE obumma race relations has gotten worst

    4 years ago

    The wise thing in NMB is to “Never leave home without it” No Not you credit card but your Glock or S & W or in my case my Sig Sauer. They had better make sure that I’m dead first otherwise I have 24 rounds with their schvarzte names on them. and no regret in using them. Follow the words of the Tzaddik HaRav Meir Kahane Z’TL , may his memory be a blessing to all, NEVER AGAIN!