German Soccer Team Refuses To Acknowledge Its Fans Over Anti-Semitic And Racist Chants


Berlin – A German soccer team has called out its fans for anti-Semitic and racist comment during a game.

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The members of the third-division Chemnitzer Football Club refused to acknowledge its traveling fans as is customary at the end of a match against Bayern Munich’s second team on Saturday after the racist and anti-Semitic chants were heard during the second half of the game, the German Deutsch-Welle news service reported.

Among the fans chants were calling the club’s sporting director Thomas Sobotzik a “Jewish pig” and chanted “at least Daniel Frahn is not a negro.” Sobotzik fired Frahn, the team captain, earlier this month after he repeatedly showed support for the far-right fans.

The fans’ chants “cannot have any acceptance in our society,” the team said in a statement, and threatened legal action against the fans.

The team has been in a running battle with its right-wing fans for several months. In March, During a match in March, fans held a moment of silence and displayed a banner in honor of Thomas Haller, a local far-right leader and former head of the club’s security firm.

The city of Chemnitz, in Saxony,eastern Germany, is home to a well-established neo-Nazis network, which was known to have connections with the far-right terrorist organization National Socialist Underground, according to Deutsch-Welle.


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