State Department Wipes Palestinian Authority From The Map…. Off Their Website

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas presides over a meeting of the Palestinian government in Ramallah, West Bank, on April 29, 2019. (Photo by Flash90)

Washington – The US State Department appears to have removed the Palestinian Authority from its list of Middle Eastern “Countries and Areas” on its website.

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The list of countries and areas includes Israel, Jordan and Egypt, but the term Palestinian Authority or Palestinian Territories is now conspicuously absent from the site, although it still appears in the archived content.

The US does not officially recognize Palestine as an individual state and as a consequence it does not have any diplomatic or consular relations with the PA.

The PA itself has maintained a policy of non-cooperation with the Trump administration in recent years. PA leader Mahmoud Abbas has repeatedly vilified US President Donald Trump in his public addresses, both in English and in Arabic, as well as constantly rejecting the efforts of the Trump administration to set forth its Middle East peace plan, irrespective of the possible benefits of the plan for the Palestinian nation.

Abbas has also announced that the PA will no longer adhere to the Oslo Accords and will continue its illegal construction in Area C, which is designated according to the Oslo accords as territory that is under complete Israeli administrative and security control.

A comprehensive, in-depth report recently released by Regavim exposed the secretive program undertaken by the Palestinian Authority in Area C, with massive financial support provided by the European Union, European governments, and other foreign interests. The land theft is dubbed “The Roots Project, but this innocuous term conceal strategically-positioned agricultural land-seizure projects covering tens of thousands of dunams of land in areas under full Israeli jurisdiction which are creating irreversible facts on the ground. Large-scale planting, creation of irrigation systems, and an enormous network of illegal roads are carving up the open spaces in Judea and Samaria and drawing the borders of a de facto Palestinian state in Israel’s heartland – in flagrant violation of the law.

Thus, even as the US technically erases the PA from its maps, the PA is establishing its presence in Judea and Samaria more and more, with international organizations strangely silent over this blatant violation of the Oslo accords.


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