Justice Department Seeks Death Penalty For Tree Of Life Synagogue Shooter


Pittsburgh – The Justice Department will seek the death penalty for the Tree of Life mass shooting suspect Robert Bowers, KDKA reports.

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Bowers is accused of killing 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue last year.

According to court documents, the Justice Department considers Bowers to be eligible for the death penalty for a variety of reasons, among them his “targeting vulnerable people out of religious hatred.”

The 20 minute attack left 11 dead and at least 6 others wounded. It is considered to be one of the deadliest attacks on Jews in U.S. history.

“Please know that justice in this case will be swift and it will be severe,” Scott Brady, the chief federal prosecutor in western Pennsylvania said at the time.

The announcement from the Justice Department comes less than 2 weeks after a spritual leader from a nearby congregation publicy opposed the death penalty for Bowers.

Bowers’ attack appeared to have been motivated by hate, as he allegedly yelled “I want to kill all Jews” during the attack. His indictment noted that he made statements against the Jewish immigration advocacy agency HIAS and Jews on the website gab.com.

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