Israeli Drone Food Delivery Service Reaches North Carolina

A Flytrex drone in Reykjavik, Iceland. (Screenshot from YouTube)

Israel – Israeli drone delivery startup Flytrex Aviation has received approval from the FAA to begin food deliveries by drone in the town of Holly Springs, North Carolina, according to an announcement by the company earlier this month.

Yariv Bash, Flytrex CEO and co-founder, said that Flytrex’s drones will operate along a predetermined delivery route, connecting the Holly Springs Towne Center, a shopping center that contains 19 food establishments, with a single delivery point at Ting Park, a nearby outdoor sports and recreation hub. The drones will fly primarily over unpopulated areas.

The company, which was founded in 2013 by Bash and Amit Regev, uses a cellular data communication module attached to the drones to enable operators to control it via a mobile app. The company already initiated a drone food delivery system in Reykjavik, Iceland and now has 13 different routes to deliver fast food in the Icelandic capital which include features like an advanced “InAir” wire-drop system that can safely lower packages directly to consumers’ backyards.

At the drop-off point — either on their property or at a designated public location — the customer can order the drones to gently lower the package to the ground via a mobile app, according to a company statement. Once the package touches down, its wire detaches from the drone, which then returns to the drone-port.

Flytrex has also teamed up with a North Dakota golf course to provide food and beverages to hungry golfers doing their rounds on the course. Previously the golfers would have to wait for a food cart to rendezvous with them but they can now order the drone to a drop-off point and receive their food within minutes.

Israel is the world’s largest exporter of military drones but is also achieving global prominence for its commercial drone startups, with 89 drone startups listed on Start-Up Nation Central’s website, ranging from pizza delivery to industrial monitors.

Bash himself is also a co-founder of Israeli non-profit organization SpaceIL, which attempted to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon this year. Its spacecraft, Bereishit, crashed on the moon in April after attracting global attention during its two-month space voyage.

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