New Details Emerge Regarding Israel’s Lebanese Drone Attack


Israel – New details were released Tuesday evening regarding Israel’s mysterious drone attack in Lebanon last weekend. According to recent reports, the drone attack targeted a critical component required in the manufacture of rockets. The component, which enables precision technology to be used on the rockets, improving their level of precision, is extremely valuable and is the only one to be found in Lebanon. At the time of the attack, the component was temporarily stored on a building site surface, exposing it to attack. The attack was apparently successful in wrecking the component and delaying the precision project.

A number of drone attacks have been reported in Lebanon in the last few days, with one drone reportedly crashing and another exploding during an attack near the Hezbollah media office Sunday, shattering the windows of the office. On Monday, drones attacked the base of an Iranian-backed Palestinian terror group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s General Command, in the eastern Bekaa Valley.

Israel has only claimed responsibility for one of the drone attacks and has declined to comment on the other attacks.

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