FIGHTING BACK: MBD, Motty Steinmetz To Participate In Jerusalem Protest “Kumzitz”


Jerusalem – Four days ago, following a petition of the Women’s Lobby, the Haifa District Court ruled that the planned Mordechai Ben David and Motti Steinmetz concert scheduled for men only in Haifa would be cancelled.

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Judge Avraham Elyakim explained that “it was a performance for men only.” Thus, since the concert arrangers wanted to use public funds for the event, it could not proceed if only men were permitted to attend.

Knesset Member Uri Maklev of UTJ commented on the cancellation of the event, stating that “The chareidi Orthodox public is being persecuted by various parties and organizations. The court today gave legitimacy to these hate organizations. The hypocrisy cries out to heaven when they say live and let live, but then, with condescension and tyranny, they repeatedly intervene… They take an entire public and discredit them, denying elementary rights, pushing them into a corner with false narratives. This will not succeed. It is part of a slanderous campaign against the chareidi public… These things will not break our resolve or change our outlook and behavior. We will not sing our songs underground.”

A special protest concert or ‘Kumzitz’ featuring the two Chasidic singers will now take place at Binyanei Ha’Oomah in Jerusalem on the coming Motzaei Shabbos, Rosh Chodesh Elul. The concert, under the slogan “this tune will not be silenced”, will be exclusively for men and will not rely on public funding. Thus it cannot be challenged by the women’s groups as the court only proscribed using public funds for such events. Mordechai Ben David reportedly cancelled his ticket to the States and agreed to appear for free at the protest concert in order to stress his opposition to the attempts by the court to “dictate to frum people how they should live their lives.” The Kol Chai radio station is promoting and producing the Kumzitz.

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