IDF Opens Social Media Account In Farsi

Israeli soldiers from the Lotar counter-terrorism unit take part at a training session in the Adam Military training facility near Modiin, July 22, 2019. (Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

The Israeli military Spokesperson’s Unit announced Tuesday that it had opened accounts in Farsi on Twitter and Instagram in order to directly address the Iranian people.

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An official statement released by the Spokesperson’s Unit said that the pages were launched on the leading platforms in Iran: Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram, under the name “Israel Defense Forces”.

The social media platform posted Tuesday the command and control chart of the Al-Quds Force, the Iranian military’s arm for extraterritorial and clandestine operations. The chart maintains that the Iranian force partially acts as a “terror squad” and accused the commander of the force, Qasem Soleimani, of initiating the plan to perpetrate a drone attack from Syria against Israel, which Israel said it had thwarted with an airstrike on Saturday.

The IDF’s accounts have millions of followers worldwide and Farsi is the sixth language in which the army operates social media accounts after Hebrew, English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

The IDF named yesterday the two Al-Quds operatives killed in its air strike on Iranian drones in the Syrian village of Akraba Saturday night. Hassan Yusouf Zbeib, 23, from Nabatea and Yasser Ahmad Sahar, 22, from Blaydah – both Lebanese, were recruited by Al-Quds and sent them to Iran for specialist training in operating UAVs armed with explosives.

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