Both Bobov Kehilos Closed Deal On The Bobover Bais Hachaim In NJ, After 15 Years Dispute

(L-R) Bobover Rebbe, and Bobov-45 Rebbe (Photos by JDN)

Borough Park – A Deal was finalized on the Bobover Bais Hachaim located in the Washington Cemetery at 104 Deans Rhode Hall Road Monmouth New Jersey.
Both Roshei Kehilas agreed on how the plots of the New Chelkas should peacefully be split up, both Admorim, Rabbi Benzion Halberstam and Rabbi Mordechai Duvid Unger signed the Agreement drafted by Lawyers, and the Closing took place Yesterday on Monday Sept 2nd.

Today, Tuesday Sept 3rd. the Bobov 45 Kehilah will be Mekadesh the New Chelka of the Bais Hachaim, where the Chevra Kadisha and Dayanim will say 18 Kapitlach Tehilim, then they will blow Shofar, and they will make Hakafos around the New Section.

Today Tuesday will be the Levaya of Rabbi Pinchas (Pinye) Eisen, z”l, a longtime Bobover chassid and gabbai of the Bobover Rebbe Rav Shlomo zt”l. He was approximately 72 years old. Reb Pinye was born in the late 40’s, and became the personal gabbai of the Rebbe Rav Shlomo of Bobov, serving him tirelessly for many years. In recent years he was close to the Rebbe of Bobov 45, The Levaya will be held 9:45AM at Bobov 45 Shul in Boro Park, and the Kevurah will take place 12:00 noon at the New Chelka in New Jersey of the Bobov 45 Kehilah.

Terms of the Deal:

1. Bobov 48 Kehilah shall not be allowed to build a Wall between the Chelkas of Bobov 48 and Bobov 45.

2. From the Bobov 45 Kehilahs New Chelka there will be a Paved Path 50 feet long with a opening in the Gate of Bobov 48 Kehilahs New Chelka going through all the way till the Ohel of Admorim M’Bobov Zt”l.

3. Bobov 45 Chasidim have visitation rights at any time to the old Chelka and the Ohel, Bobov 45 Chasidim may not be thrown out from the Ohel or the Bais Hachaim.

4. Bobov 45 Rebetzins Unger & Rubin will get a reserved a plot in the old Chelka near the Ohel, right next to their mother Bobover Rebetzin Hessy A”h.

5. Bobov 45 Chasidim who have Membership in the old Chelka will remain members, and will get a reserved plot in the old Chelka of Bais Hachaim.

6. Bobov 45 Kehilah will get the Chelka from the House till the Forest, which has a total of 1,800 plots, & they must hang up sign with the words “Bobov 45” on the Gate.

7. Bobov 48 Kehilah will get the Chelka between the Ohel and the House, which has approx. 200 Plots, part of that section is Wetland which cannot be used for burial, in addition they will get the Chelka after the Road where Tent is built on Yahrzeit it has 1,400 Plots, they will get a total of 1,600 Plots.

8. Rabbi Yankel Fuhrer a Bobov 45 Chasid will remain on the Board of the Bobover Bais Hachaim, and one of the members of Chevra Kadisha.

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Below is a Map of the Sections at Bobover Bais Hachaim

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