Shmira Members Rescue Kitten From Sewer [VIDEO]


Brooklyn, NY – Last night, Yaakov lemmer was on his way to Shul (Synagogue), when he saw a small commotion around a NYC DEP @311 drain grate. He didn’t have to ask what it was about. The pale cries of a tiny kitten were echoing out of the drain and faintly floating out of the nearby manhole that was already opened by a Shmira volunteer.

Another volunteer was using a garden hose to try and push water from the drain to the nearby manhole in the hopes that it would push the kitty out. To no avail.

Here’s the divine providence. In the morning, Yaakov had decided to clean his dryer vent, so he had a long snake with several brush attachments for this purpose. He ran to get it and tried to push the feline toward the accessible manhole.

Jose from Schnitzi Truck climbed down the manhole but the brush wasn’t large enough to push little kitty out.

The central Asian employee next door ran to get a commercial garbage bag, crumpled it up into a large ball and placed it in a shopping bag. The Polish tenant upstairs gave us string to tie the bag to the other end of the snake and – Boom!

Hasidim, a Polish man, a central Asian man, a Spanish man… all coming together to save a lost and helpless creature.

Watch the incident below:

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