Sleeping Hasidic Man Has ‘Palestine’ Sticker Placed Over His Mouth On Metro


UNITED KINGDOM (VosIzNeias) — Nottingham Trent University has been made aware of an apparent hate crime and have since suspended the perpetrator from it’s campus.

The university student, who has only been identified as Jonathan, 20, saw a sleeping Hasidic man and decided to poke fun. He took a Palestinian flag sticker and surreptitiously placed it on the mans mouth. To top the act off, he had an unidentified individual snap a picture of him smiling while making a hand gesture gleefully.

Jonathan, then went and posted the image on Tinder which was shared and eventually brought to the attention of the university he was attending.

Many users on Twitter expressed shock and concern and demanded the university expel the student for his actions.

The university quickly responded by tweeting: “We have been made aware of a post on social media, in which NTU is mentioned in an individual’s personal profile.

“This individual is suspended and a disciplinary panel will now decide on appropriate action”

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