Lebanese Demonstrators Trample Israeli Flags To Prove Patriotism

An Israeli flag is seen on the ground in Beirut's Riad al-Solh Square, Oct. 25, 2019. According to Lebanese media reports, demonstrators have been trampling Israeli flags to show they're not working for foreign governments. (MEMRI)

BEIRUT (MEMRI) — Lebanese protesters in Beirut’s Riad al-Solh Square have been trampling Israeli flags to demonstrate that “there is only one enemy, the Israeli enemy,” and that they serve no foreign interests and are not funded by foreign governments, Lebanese reporter Rima Hamdan said on Friday.

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In an Oct. 25 broadcast on Lebanon’s OTV, Hamdan said, “Naturally, in this square, they always make sure to have what we see here: The Israeli flag on the ground. For everybody, this serves as an emphasis that there is only one enemy, and that is the Israeli enemy.”

He said “it is also meant to prevent the distortion of the intent behind the demonstrations and to prevent people from saying that this demonstration serves certain foreign interests, or that it is funded by foreign embassies. This is the reason that the Israeli flag was on the ground, as we could see.”

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4 years ago

Idiots. They don’t realize that their own government is persecuting them, not Israel.