Israeli Military Intercepts Drone Over Gaza

FILE - View of the trail left in the sky by a Patriot missiles that was fired to intercept a Syrian jet entering Israel from Syria, as seen in the Northern Israeli city of Tzfat, on July 24, 2018. Photo by David Cohen/Flash90

JERUSALEM (AP) – The Israeli military says it has shot down an unmanned aircraft flying at “an unusual altitude” over the Gaza Strip.

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The army said Tuesday that Israeli fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the drone. The military declined further comment on the incident.

Gaza’s ruling Islamic militant group Hamas has a drone program believed to receive assistance from Iran.

Hamas’ drones have mostly been used for reconnaissance along the border with Israel. Israel has acknowledged intercepting at least three unmanned craft over Gaza in recent months.

In September, Israel said a drone from Gaza dropped explosives on an army vehicle near the perimeter fence dividing Gaza from Israel. No militant group claimed responsibility. The military hit several Hamas-affiliated targets in response.

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