VIDEO: Ezras Nashim Ambulance Request Denied; Decision Heads To Albany


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Approximately 3 weeks ago, Ezras Nashim filed a request for a Certificate of Need allowing them to operate an ambulance in Boro Park and Kensington. As explained by Ezras nashim founder Hon. Ruchie Freier, the organization wants an ambulance in order to enable them to expand their services and treat the growing needs of local women more effectively.

At a subsequent hearing that took place to address this request, it became clear that not all  members of the community were in favor of this initiative. In an attempt to discredit the organization and it’s agenda, Hatzalah came prepared with a number of women who stated that they were satisfied with the treatment they had received at the hands of male Hatzalah volunteers. They also questioned Ezras Nashim’s ability to deliver a satisfactory response time.

Ultimately, it has now been reported that the NYC Regional EMS Council has not approved Ezras Nashim’s request. According to the agency, the reason boils down to the failure of either side to produce a majority vote to either pass the motion or deny it. In this scenario, the case will move up to the Albany State Council for a decision.

The vote breakdown was as follows:

7 REMSCO Board Members voted in favor of Ezras Nashim application,

12 votes against the application,

5 members abstained to vote,

2 members were absent.

It is worth noting, that of the 12 members who voted against the application, 4 are Hatzalah members. These members were asked to recuse themselves from the vote due to the obvious conflict of interest, however they declined to do so.

Ezras Nashim hopes for a positive outcome in Albany, as there are no Hatzalah members on the Albany State Council, which will hopefully serve to produce an unbiased decision.

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