Israel Will Seize ‘Pay For Slay’ Salaries Paid To Arab-Israeli Prisoners

A view of the Givon prison in the Israeli town of Ramla, July 29, 2013. (Moshe Shai/Flash90)

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Arab Israelis convicted on terrorism charges will no longer receive payments from Palestinian authorities.

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Defense Minister Naftali Bennett on Wednesday signed an order that will allow Israel to seize the payments.

The Palestinian Authority has long made monthly payments to individuals under arrest in Israel for terrorism-related offenses. The payments range from about $400 to $3,400 month, Ynet reported. The salaries are informally known as “pay for slay” payments.

“We are taking action, this is a further step in the fight against terrorism,” Bennett said in a statement. “We are working to make the spilling of Jewish blood no longer economically profitable.”

Among those covered under the order are five Arab Israelis serving life sentences. One participated in a 2003 double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv, which killed 23. Two others assisted the suicide bomber who attacked a bus at the Meron Junction in August 2002, killing nine people and injuring 38.

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4 years ago

this is what Kahane was saying that so called migrant descenedents Israeli Arabs are working for Hamas.

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason
4 years ago

These vermin are serving life sentences? They should be starved to death, and granted suffering. Why are Israeli tax dollars going to feed them and provide for any of their needs? There should have been a death penalty for terrorism in the first place.

But the salaries they get somehow get to Israel, and the money can be seized. Maybe that’s a good reason to allow them to remain alive. But where did the salary money go until now?

4 years ago

Why would not the dependents of the victims have seized these assets long ago? Of what use is the court system if there is no justice?