‘He Closed His Body Camera, Punched Me In The Face And Broke My Nose’


    JERUSALEM (VINnews) – The Israeli Department Of Internal Police Investigations submitted an indictment against a policeman who acted with excessive violence towards an IDF soldier who had arrested for a traffic offence.

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    In an interview with Israeli television channel Kan, the soldier reenacted the unprovoked attack he allegedly suffered in the police station last May. The soldier claimed that the policeman was involved in other acts of violence and had attacked him because he was a “Chareidi with Payos.’

    “He went into the room, took off his body camera. As he left, he punched me in the face and broke my nose, and punched me all over my body, on my head and wherever he could hit me. He saw that I was bleeding and got a bit nervous. I said to him: ‘I want an ambulance please, this is no joke, you broke my nose.’ He said: ‘Ok, you’re free to go home now.’

    “One of the female police said to me ‘you are a Chareidi person who is supposed to represent the state, how can you behave in this way? People like you are the scum of the army.’

    The soldier filed suit against the policeman and he was indicted for his actions. The policeman has denied the accusations.



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    4 years ago

    If the cop knew that the victum was a soldier (obvious, as the police woman called him the “scum of the army”; Why wasn’t the cop worried about the repecussions? Why does someone get arrested for a traffic offense?