Na’ama Issachar Insisted- And Got To Light Hanukkah Candles In A Russian Jail

    Naama Issachar attends an appeal hearing at the Moscow Region Court in Krasnogorsk, Russia on Dec. 19, 2019. (Artyom Geodakyan/TASS /Getty Images)

    JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke Thursday afternoon with Russian President Vladimir Putin and once again requested that  the President release Na’ama Issachar, the Israeli woman sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for carrying 9.5 grams of cannabis at the Moscow airport.

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    President Putin on his part wished Prime Minister Netanyahu a happy Hanukkah and Netanyahu wished Putin a happy Russian new year.

    Yaffa Issachar, the mother of Na’ama, thanked Prime Minister Binj]yamin Netanyahu for interceding with Putin for her daughter and asked him to continue his efforts to obtain Na’ama’s release.

    “Mr. Netanyahu, I want to personally tell you that after Na’ama’s personal insistence over the last few days, she got to light a Hanukkah candle in a Russian prison with a Chabad emissary, Rabbi Shia Deutsch, and eat a jelly donut. Naama asked to make the Bracha herself on the Hanukkah candles and prayed that she would merit making a Shehechiyanu in Israel.

    “I ask Mr. Prime Minister, please do all that is in your power to persuade your friend President Putin to allow Na’ama to light a candle as a free woman in the State of Israel together with the citizens of Israel and with you as Prime Minister of the State of Israel and the Jewish people, before she is transferred to a very remote prison in Russia in the coming days which will make it difficult for me to visit her.”

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