VIDEO: At The Scene Of The Car In Which Monsey Chanukah Stabbing Suspect Was Arrested


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Multiple people were stabbed Saturday night in a synagogue.

According to reports, a black male entered Rabbi Rottenburg’s Shul with his face covered by a scarf, and pulled out a machete. He pulled off the cover and stabbed at least 4 people. One of the victims was stabbed in the chest.

According to reports, 15 victims were transported to the hospital, but 5 were ultimately hospitalized.

The perpetrator then ran out and escaped in a Nissan Sentra. His plates (HPT 5747) were spotted before he left.

Police initially tracked the vehicle to an address located in Greewood Lake. Police have also tracked down the father of the suspect and interviewed him.

Police ultimately tracked down the vehicle and stopped it at W 177 Street and 7 Avenue in Harlem.


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