Massive Unity: 18,000 Women Unify to Help a Couple Achieve Their Dream Every Week!



Of course, every one of us would, if we could, provide the full $18,000 for a couple in need. But this amount is beyond the reach of most of us. The “V’zakeini” initiative allows us to provide the funds by joining together as a rabim, as a united tzibbur. 

The “V’zakeini” initiative harnesses the unique power that Jewish women possess while lighting their Shabbos candles, uniting women from across the globe.

The cost of IVF treatment for a couple is $18,000, an amount that is too costly for many people, who turn to Bonei Olam for funds to cover the necessary procedures.

Through the “V’zakeini” initiative, a pool of 18,000 women will be donating $1 at candle- lighting time every Friday afternoon.

This will allow an additional 52 couples to receive the treatments they so desperately need over the next year. Together with the heartfelt tefillos recited by the 18,000 women at hadlokas neiros, these couples will iy”H merit to see the fulfillment of their dream: their very own child.

Join now, and become one of the 18,000 individuals who over the next year will cover the $18,000 treatments for 52 couples, helping to make their dream a reality.

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