Chabad Rabbi Cries Out – Warning Brethren About Corona!


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    Unfortunately, many of our brethren have not been taking the Corona Virus seriously.  Rabbi Zalman Goldstein knows of this firsthand.  He videotaped a Hebrew language video to warn others.  Below is an English translation of what he says.

    Brothers, people in Eretz Yisroel.  Precious brethren!.  Speaking hear is Zalman Goldstein the son of Reb Leibel Goldstein a venerable mechanech for years – all recognize him. His father Rav Yoseph Goldstein used to manage LaG BaOmer outings for the Rebbe.

    I want to say in every language of request:

    Be concerned for your lives! Be concerned for your lives! You do not understand what is going on here!  It is a churban!

    People are still hiding. They do not wish to reveal that they have sick people in the house. They are afraid to reveal this. And the situation is very serious.

    Here in Crown Heights, tens and tens of people perhaps even hundreds of people already, contact me they do not wish to reveal to anyone. They want to know what clinic to go to, to which doctor what medicines there are.

    I am telling you that the situation is most serious. It is not limited to elderly people.  It applies to the young. To my sadness, last night, a Shliach in Long Island now his name is already known.  They are reciting Tehillim.

    He is in a critical condition.  He is in his forties.

    The situation is very serious.

    How long is it possible to wait?  How long will it be until people awaken and see that this is danger to life!

    True, we have no experience in these matters.  We are not accustomed to it. But we are obligated to take it all seriously and do whatever we can.

    Stay at home!

    If you have a father or mother that are elderly. They must stay home and no one should visit them.

    And Shalom Zachars, lechaims Bar Mitzvahs, weddings. It is all nice – they should make the wedding with just ten people. I do not know –  they should ask the Rabbis. I am not a Rabbi.

    But It is forbidden.  It is forbidden to leave the house.  It is forbidden to go with these people. You will be saving lives!

    And that which people think that it already spread.  Let’s assume that 95% already are infected with this.  But with the 5 percent that remain – it is possible to save.

    If there was one person whose life could be saved and if we made a campaign of a million dollars or two million dollars to donate a kidney or something like this..  We do this don’t we?

    So what is this? To stay home? Not to go to shul or Mikvah or a simcha are we not ready to forgo this to save a life?

    It is not just one person. Do not open the mouth to the Satan. What is happening here

    I am up to date and every few minutes. The hospital here there are many people there.

    Slowly slowly the names are being revealed.  Each hour families agree to reveal so that they will pray for them.  This happens only when it is critical.

    For these people? With hashem’s help they should all return to good health.  It is forbidden to talk!

    Awaken! Awaken!  It is a very serious!  We must request and pray and to ask for the Geulah! And awaken and stop being depressed.  If there are communities that are yet unaffected. Awaken!

    Be careful and stop going around!  It is for your benefit.  Thank you and with love of chasidim Sorry that I am speaking roughly, but the siruation demands everything!

    And the main things is that Moshiach should come now.

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