Brooklyn Doctor: Don’t Go To Shul, If You Go You Are A Sinner And Potential Murderer


NEW YORK (VINnews) — In his latest Facebook video, Dr. Stuart Ditchek, an infectious disease specialist from Brooklyn, New York, declares unequivocally that all shuls in New York should be closed immediately and whoever goes to Shul with a Minyan at present is a sinner who could potentially be a murderer if he infects older or weaker individuals with COVID-19.

Dr. Ditchek stresses that sitting apart does not help as there are germs on the siddurim and on doorknobs and other surfaces that live for a long time and can be transmitted easily from person to person.

“You are playing with peoples lives, its unfair, its counter to Halacha and it selfish- don’t go to Daven in Shul, ” Doctor Ditchek concludes, adding that outdoor minyanim are also prohibited as they are technically gatherings and could infect large numbers of participants.


Posted by Stuart Ditchek on Wednesday, March 18, 2020


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