Watch: Wedding Ceremony In…..Bnei Brak Cemetery


BNEI BRAK (VINnews) — A strange wedding ceremony took place in the Bnei Brak cemetery this week, with the dead being the majority of those participating in the wedding. Due to government regulations prohibiting gatherings, many weddings have been restricted to small numbers of participants and possibly the families thought that in a cemetery they could conduct a larger ceremony without interference by authorities….or maybe they wanted the grandparents to attend…

However it is also possible that a cemetery wedding is an ancient rite used to ward of plagues. Two orphans would be married in a cemetery in a wedding known as a “Shvarze Chasene” or “Black Wedding” and this was considered an amulet against plagues. The Jews pledged to support the orphans, and in return, they hoped the souls of the deceased would reward their efforts and intercede to block the evil decree.

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