Doctor Warns of Bnei Brak ‘Catastrophe’, Army Begins To Evacuate Patients

Israeli Magen David Adom personel and israeli soldiers at a drop off station for residents from the ultra orthodox Jewish city of Bnei Brak who have been infected by the Coronavirus, and on thier way to quarantine hotels, near the Ayalon mall on April 3, 2020. . Photo by Tomer Neuberg/ Flash90

BNEI BRAK (VINnews) — A doctor who was transferred to working on the Bnei Brak coronavirus epidemic spoke to the Makor Rishon newspaper and said that “a catastrophe is developing in the city due to lack of cooperation from patients, intentional misleading and insulting remarks. We spend hours and hours explaining in an attempt to curb a virus which seems to have spiraled out of control, but despite this doctors see people ignoring or intentionally causing harm.

“The compliance level of residents is low. Many patients who are called and told they are positive were out in the street and not quarantined as required by law and others intentionally close their phones so they will not know the results of the tests they underwent.

“Some of the patients have recovered somewhat but are still positive and could infect others. However they deem themselves healthy and refuse to evacuate to isolation or maintain proper isolation in their homes, which is almost impossible in these neighborhoods. Those that do agree to evacuate to a hotel come with unreasonable demands and don’t seem to understand that this is no vacation. They wear down doctors with irritating requests regarding food, choice of place etc. They ask for esoteric Kashrus, demand to be in a hotel with friends or try to organize evacuation for their entire family.”

The doctor added that there was not enough enforcement from authorities and not enough internalization of the danger to old and sick people. Whoever feels good thinks that they have won.”

The government decided Thursday night to send the army’s Home Command into Bnei Brak in order to remove the more than 1000 verified patients from their houses to hotels set up to treat them. Moreover the city is totally locked down with police manning all exits and preventing people from going elsewhere except in essential situations. The government is also considering evacuating 4500 elderly people from the city as they have the highest risk of complications from infection.


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