Watch: Police Salute Holocaust Survivor During Siren


BEITAR ILLIT (VINnews) — The 27th of Nissan marks Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel, and survivor Leah Kaufman, who lives in Beitar Illit, received a call from the police asking to interview her regarding her war experiences. When the police arrived, they asked her to go out on her porch during the 10AM siren and then four policemen stood at attention and saluted her, in a touching gesture of appreciation for those who suffered unspeakable horrors during the Second World War.

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Kaufman was very moved by the gesture and gave each policeman an autographed copy of her book “Live, Remember, Tell the World”. As a 9-year-old girl Kaufman saw her entire family- six brothers and sisters and her parents- starve to death in Transnistria. Somehow she managed to survive and after the war she came to Montreal, Canada where she established her family and taught Hebrew and Yiddish (she is also fluent in six other languages due to her war experiences).She made aliya about 20 years ago and lectures across Israel to the IDF, police, and students from Israel and abroad in Hebrew, Yiddish and English.

She has 2 married sons in Israel along with one in Memphis who visits twice a year and is blessed with many grandchildren and great grandchildren.


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4 years ago

its nice to see this
i only see respect no politics