Video: This Hatzolah Member Took His Friend On His Last Trip


Life as we know it has been suspended. Shops shuttered, parks padlocked and schools silent. Fearing the worst, we all keep as far as we can from possible danger. All but some of us. Some of us are heroes. Heroes for Life.

These select heroes don’t run from danger – but directly toward it.

Masked and garbed in personal protective equipment, they put their own safety on the line to be on the front lines for us.

For the elderly father who starts wheezing.
For the busy mother whose fever spikes.
For the quarantined widow whose cough won’t abate.

Like you – they have anxious families waiting at home for
their safe return.
Like you – they are plagued by fatigue from the relentless workload.
Like you – they are navigating strange and difficult circumstances.

But their own fears – their own frailties – their own families
will all wait.
Like heroes – they show what real sacrifice looks like.

Because our lives depend on it.
And now – they need us to fuel their mission.

Thank a Hero For Life now by donating to support Hatzolah of Central Jersey, servicing Lakewood, Toms River, Jackson, Howell, Brick and more.

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