It’s Not Too Late to Thank a Hero For Life – [LIVE Event TONIGHT! HERE!]



It’s not too late to thank you to Hatzolah for all they have done and continue to do for us.

If you haven’t thanked a Hero for Life yet – do so now, before it’s too late. Go to NOW and donate generously! The deadline is tonight!

And, tune in live, tonight for the most amazing, dramatic, and exciting livestream event ever.

Real Members. Real Patients. Real Covid19 Stories.

Since the Heroes for Life Covid-19 campaign has begun, the overwhelming showing of support from our community has been incredible. But, when it comes to saving lives, it’s never enough.

There’s no one who hasn’t been blown away by the bravery and dedication of our Hatzolah Heroes.

So when our brave Hatzolah Heroes reach out to you, their friends and family, we know there’s no way we can let them down. Not when they have never let us down at our most heart-stopping moments.

They don’t stop. They don’t think. They just run.
Run toward danger.
Run toward a patient in need.
And then-
Run to the next call.
And the next.

So NOW, for a few more hours, let’s make their cause our cause.

And now – for the grand finale! The heroes we’ve been saluting, live on our screens.

Join us right here, live, TONIGHT at 8 p.m. for Heroes for Life hosted by the world renowned Elchanan Schwarz, featuring:

Emergencies in Halacha – Covid19 Edition with Rabbi Moshe Rotberg, and some of Lakewood’s leading doctors including Dr. Zimmerman, Dr. Tarlow and Dr. Kadosh. Learn about the Latest Breaking Critical Health and Safety Information Dr. Shanik, Dr. Leibowtz and Hatzolah. Hear firsthand reports of riveting Stories from the Front Lines, featuring Hatzolah Heroes live with the people they’ve rescued. Meet Hatzolah members who have been victims of Covid-19 reunited their fellow members, who saved their own lives! Hear from leading Mental health experts on how to deal with they trauma and anxiety many experienced, and a special Tribute to our Heroes featuring Meir Lichtenstein with Mayor Ray Coles, Police Chief Greg Meyer, and Ocean County Sheriff Michael G. Mastronardy.

This is a program you do not want to miss.

Tune in live tonight at 8 PM, and make sure to donate now by CLICKING HERE to thanks a Hero for LIFE.


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