Boro Park: Suspect Apprehended After Vandalizing Synagogue [VIDEO]


BORO PARK (VINnews) — A suspect was apprehended on Monday evening after vandalizing a Boro Park synagogue.

Video footage released by Boro Park Shmira shows a male turn a street corner at approximately 11:00 PM on Monday. The individual is wearing a cap and a mask, which leave his face obscured. In his hand appears to be a white bag.

The man stops in front of Cong. Zichron Chaim Shia Sorvosh, located at 15th Ave and 53rd Street.

He reaches into the bag, pulls out an object and throws it forcefully at the building, leaving some glass shattered. He then runs off.

With the help of Boro Park Shmira, the NYPD apprehended the suspect shortly after, on 15th Ave and 39th Street.

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