Bonei Olam Celebrates Remarkable Milestone of 8,700 Babies


At a time when Klal Yisroel has experienced unspeakable losses and no community has been spared from tragedy, Bonei Olam is providing a level of nechomah, providing encouraging news that should move Klal Yisroel and instill feelings of hope, faith and positivity.

This past week, Bonei Olam, the premier organization in the field of reproductive medicine, research and technology, celebrated the birth of its 8,700th baby.

8,700 couples who had difficulty with infertility saw their dreams come true thanks to Bonei Olam.

Bonei Olam understands the sadness and emptiness that accompany a couple as they pine for a child of their own. Led by founders Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo Bochner, the Bonei Olam members are keenly aware of couples’ special needs and requirements, helping these families endure the harrowing and little understood world of being a childless couple in any of our communities.

Bonei Olam, the epitome of chesed, is able to relieve a couple’s stress as they learn of a potential problem or receive a definitive diagnosis regarding their inability to have a family under normal circumstances. First and foremost is the creed by which Bonei Olam approaches each couple: “You are not alone.”

In a world where time stops for no one and younger siblings bear children with seemingly great ease, couples who are faced with the possibility of a childless future are broken in more ways than one. It is imperative that they begin the necessary treatments once conclusions have been drawn about their medical condition. Of great importance is the atmosphere surrounding the couple, and positive, hopeful thoughts might be difficult to come by when weighed down by financial worries and other concerns.

Bonei Olam accompanies each couple through the entire process and alleviates so much of the couple’s burden by sharing it with them and often carrying it alone.

Since the establishment of Bonei Olam, thousands of couples have had the opportunity to experience the heart and soul of the organization, and Klal Yisroel has been privileged to play this important role in the lives of couples who need financial help for fertility treatment.

Bonei Olam has played this unbelievable role to the tune of 8,700 babies.

“These are babies who turned couples into parents and gave grandparents additional nachas they weren’t sure they’d ever experience,” remarked Rabbi Bochner. “These 8,700 babies will be’ezras Hashem grow to become outstanding Torah Yidden, raising families of their own, carrying forth the impact we’ve been zocheh to have.”

Indeed, Bonei Olam’s zechus and influence are inestimable.

And it all began with one simple act of kindness.

Several decades ago, Rabbi and Mrs. Bochner could not have children, and in the late 1990s, they traveled the world seeking fertility treatments. At that particular time, they were in Europe with a group of couples who were also in the same situation. There was one couple who needed to change their medication and they hadn’t enough funds to do so. The Bochners had brought along extra money in the event it would be necessary. The couple asked the Bochners to loan them the money that the Bochners had intended to use for their own treatments, and they did. Since the cost of fertility procedures and medication is extremely high, the Bochners understood their predicament. As a result of them loaning the money, with Hashem’s help, they gave birth to healthy twins.

Subsequent to this experience, Rabbi Bochner and his wife were approached by other couples who also sought financial relief from the monetary burdens of such treatments. “We began to borrow money from people we knew who were in a position to help with future births and began dispersing funds,” Rabbi Bochner recalls. “There were so very many couples who needed this kind of help.

Their motto then, as now, was, “Hope Today, Tommorow a Child.”

With more and more couples seeking Bonei Olam’s help each year, the variety of services offered has continue to grow and, in addition to standard fertility treatments, Bonei Olam is at  the forefront of assisting couples with pre- and post-cancer fertility treatments, high-risk pregnancy care, advanced infertility and adoptions, as well as many other fertility-related concerns. Bonei Olam has a 24-hour hotline and is also heavily involved in genetic diagnostics (PGD), helping pinpoint previously undetected genetic problems that prevent the occurrence of a viable pregnancy and using genetic testing to identify and isolate problematic genes in order to prevent passing along debilitating or fatal diseases.

“While celebrating our successes with our milestone 8,700th baby,” said Rabbi Bochner, “we will not rest as long as there is even one couple who is struggling to see their dream of having a child come to fruition. With the help and support of our community, we will be able to celebrate more milestone numbers in the future.”

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