Mrs. Zissel Margulies ע”ה זיסל בת ראובן חיים

Mrs. Rochel Scheinfeld

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Yaakov Shulman
Yaakov Shulman
4 years ago

Rebbitzen Zissel Margulies a”h was one of the foremost nahum chashuvos of Kew Gardens Hills. A war survivor from a prominent family in . after the war she married the tzaddik Rav Shoel Dovid Hakohen Margulies zt”l. He had been shot rov of the large kehilla of Prushkev (Pruszkow), Poland, a Talmid of Rav Meir Shapiro zt”l and had lost his entire family while he was marooned in Shanghai sustaining physically snd spiritually a remainder of Chachmei Lublin students. Although he was twenty years older than her and had no settled position as yet in the USA, she assisted him in building his permanent home and shul in Queens, Cong. Degel Israel. She lent dignity–and tasty Kiddush food–to the davening and derhoiben atmosphere. Her independent spirit led her to stay in her own home and eschew personal help, even in her old age. A beloved mother and grandmother, she is survived by her daughter Rebbitzen Rochel Sheinfeld tbl”ch, son-in-law Harav Dovid Sheinfeld, marah de-asra, learned grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She will be missed.

Ben Shazal
Ben Shazal
4 years ago

As a boy growing up in the Shul it was always wonderful to behold the queenly presence of the Rebbitzen each Shabbos. She was the wife of the true Gaon, HaRav Shoel Duvid Margulies, the Prushkever Ruv. They were vestiges of a bygone era and we were priviliged to come of age in their daled amos. I’ll never forget the Ruv, ZTL, watching us children play in the basement. I’ll never forget his fiery drashos. I’ll never forget his unique niggun for Birkas Cohanim. And I’ll never forget my father saying, “how could we daven anywhere else if such a Gaon and Darshan lives so near us.” We did shmirah at 4AM on a Leil Shabbos for the Ruv and that was because of the Yir’as HaKavos we had for him. The Rebbitzen was an extension of all that he was. Her home was married to the Shteibl and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Who remembers the 50 cent pieces they gave us when we brought mishloach manos? Yehi zichra baruch!