Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein : ‘We Don’t Belong Here, It’s Time To Go To Eretz Yisrael’


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, the founder of Ohr Yitzchak, Ateres Naava Seminary for Girls, and Ohr Naava Women’s Institute in Brooklyn, made an impassioned call on American Jews to leave the United States and make Aliyah to Israel.

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In a video recording of a lecture posted online, Rabbi Wallerstein was unequivocal, stating  that “All of us, we all need to get out of here” and “It’s not for us anymore everybody. It’s just not for us. We don’t belong here.”

“It’s not for us physically, it’s not for us mentally, it’s not for us emotionally. Hashem took away a lot of the money that was keeping us here, the education that was keeping us here. You want to ZOOM, if you’re in Eretz Yisrael , ZOOM to your rebbeim in America,” he added.

Comparing our period to the time of the Holocaust, Rabbi Wallerstein said that prior to the Holocaust people were also convinced that the political situation would change and things would get better and then they got left behind.

“Hashem, help us. I should have the ko’ach  to lead you,” he said. “It’s written in all the sefarim what’s gonna happen. Whoever’s stuck in galus  when Mashiach comes, some of us are not even going to make it to Eretz Yisrael, and it’s the best place for Jews,” Rabbi Wallerstein concluded.

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