Holocaust-Era Jewish Artifacts Discovered In Tzanz


NOWY SACZ, POLAND (VINnews) — Archaeologists and historians who are members of the History Association in Poland stumbled upon a Jewish treasure trove while excavating the remnants of an old castle in Nowy Sacz, known as Tzanz by Jews worldwide. The trove contains many valuable Judaica items including silverware, cups, knives and forks and other items. The valuables were apparently buried there during the course of World War II.

The researchers could not ascertain whether the items were buried there by local Jews or by Nazis who had looted them from Jews but could not take them out of Poland.

The items will be taken for further investigation and will then be transferred to the local museum for exhibition.

Posted by Stowarzyszenie Historyczno Eksploracyjne Sądecczyzny on Sunday, June 14, 2020

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