Video: Montreal Synagogue Dispersed By Police In Middle Of Yom Kippur Prayers


MONTREAL (VINnews) — According to a video released Monday evening, a Montreal synagogue was interrupted and dispersed on Yom Kippur, right around or during the Neilah service.

In the video, Montreal resident Berel Solomon relates that every member of his synagogue, Beth Chabad Cote St. Luc, was wearing a mask. He says that all the occupants of the synagogue were socially distanced, as well as in compliance with all relevant government guidelines.

Yet, police officers entered the premises without a warrant and forced all the congregants out into the street. Once there, they used police vehicles to disperse them.

Solomon says he knows of 7 other synagogues that were targeted as well.

Solomon finishes the video by pointing out how one can visit bars, join parties, or protest en masse in the streets. But when it comes to synagogues, the same treatment is not provided by the police and the media.

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