Watch: Inspectors Descend On New York’s Jewish Communities

FDNY inspectors mobilizing in Boro Park on Ft Hamilton and 45 Street

NEW YORK (VINnews) — As of late, the Boro Park and Flatbush communities have been subjected to groups of inspectors, looking to fine and/or shutter businesses that aren’t following the recent COVID restrictions imposed by Gov. Cuomo.

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For at least the third day in a row, crowds of inspectors were spotted in several areas, such as Fort Hamilton Parkway near 45th Street and 18th Avenue and 45th Street.

On previous days, NYC Buildings Department inspectors handed out summonses to many businesses, which carry a possible fine of up to $15,000.

On Wednesday, the inspectors seemed to belong to the FDNY.

Many of New York’s Jewish residents insist they are only being targeted because they are Jewish. In a video that went viral on Tuesday, a Jewish woman confronted an inspector, telling him it is “obvious” that he is only handing out a violation because they are Jewish.

New York’s Orthodox Jewish community remains under intense scrutiny, as seen in a Wednesday interview from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

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