Jewish Predictor Of Election Results: Based On His Interpretation Of Torah, Trump Will Win 2020 Election

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JERUSALEM (VINnews) — During the 2016 election campaign, there were almost no pundits who gave Donald Trump a victory based on polls. There was an almost unanimous conviction that Hillary Clinton would succeed her husband as president of the US. Yet an almost unknown rabbi living in Lod, Israel, had already predicted before the election based on the words of the Torah portion for the week of the election that Trump would defeat Hillary.

Morover this was not the first election victory he had predicted. In 1996, when all of Israel was convinced that then prime minister Shimon Peres would handily defeat his Likud opponent, Binyamin Netanyahu, the rabbi, Rabbi Meir Hakohen Tornheim, had already predicted that Netanyahu would win. In the three elections which took place over the past year in Israel, Tornheim correctly predicted Netanyahu’s victory, and even in 2015 when the polls favored Labor leader Yitzchak Herzog, Tornheim was convinced Netanyahu would succeed in forming a government. Rabbi Tornheim published his prediction about Trump’s 2016 victory some eight months before the actual election.

What is his secret? Tornheim says that whatever is going to happen is already hinted at in the Torah and such a crucial event as who will be prime minister in the Holy Land or leader of the most powerful country in the world must be hinted as well. He searches in the portion of the week which is divided into seven parts corresponding to the seven days of the week and focuses on the part relating to the election day.

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“Donald Trump will be the president of the USA and will defeat Hillary”- Rabbi Meir Tornheim wrote this eight months before 2016 election

Rabbi Tornheim searches for a pasuk which could hint at the result of the election, sometimes spending many hours poring over the portion until he is convinced that he has found the answer. On this occasion he searched for a sign that Trump, who has protected the Jewish nation in its country and fought terrorist countries which seek the destruction of Israel, would once again be president. He claims that in the past three elections in the USA he also found the president hinted at in the Torah.

A month and a half ago, Tornheim met with the Republican leader in Israel, Mark Zell, and showed him that once again in the portion of Vayera read during the election, Trump’s victory is hinted at. Zell was gratified to hear about Tornheim’s unique method and said he would transmit the information to Trump and to the tens of millions of Americans who believe in the bible.

In Bereishis 19 Tornheim found the words “Trump will succeed and win” twice in two verses, as well as “Donald Trump will win”, “Trump will defeat Joe Biden”, “Trump will win and will be president of the US.”


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