South African Safari Picnic Joined By Local Lion


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A lion from the Kruger national reserve in South Africa surprised a picnic party by taking his place at one of the tables. The guests had been hoping to get close to local lions but didn’t expect one of them to join their cocktails at sunset.

The lion, probably attracted by the aroma of cured beef, ambled into the party as staff were setting up the buffet, causing stunned guests to retreat to the safety of their vehicles. He nosed around for a few minutes but did not partake of any items at the party, leaving shortly afterwards.

After an expert lion tracker concluded that it was safe to continue the party and the lion would not be returning, guests came back and resumed the proceedings.

Safari guide Chris Taylor snapped a number of pictures of the lion and said that the guests were “very lucky to see such a rare sight coming so close to them.”


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