For the First Time: Matzah Bakery Established at the Home of Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky


Special Matzos Being Sent by Hagaon Rav Chaim to Supporters of Hagaon Rav Shalom Ber Sorotzkin’s Yeshiva Ateres Shlomo, With Rav Chaim’s Blessings of Abundance and Eternal Salvation

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For the first time ever, Maran Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky is baking matzos for the supporters and donors of Yeshiva Ateres Shlomo, the renowned network of mosdos haTorah headed by the venerated rosh yeshiva, Hagaon Rav Shalom Ber Sorotzkin. Until Pesach, Rav Chaim will be sending these special matzos to those who assist Rav Sorotzkin in his harbotzas haTorah.


As is well-known, since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the olam haTorah at large and kollelim in particular have experienced severe economic hardships, causing a significant reduction in the support of mosdos haTorah. During the last few weeks, Rav Sorotzkin, one of today’s most prominent marbitzei Torah, delivering shiurim each week and leading Eretz Yisroel’s largest Torah empire, has discussed the financial challenges with Rav Chaim, who serves as the nosi hayeshiva of Ateres Shlomo. Rav Chaim expressed his desire to reciprocate for the support of those who have stepped up to assist Yeshiva Ateres Shlomo by sending them matzos from the special chaburah that he bakes in every year before Pesach.


Due to the current difficulties involved in transporting matzah from Eretz Yisroel to the United States, Rav Sorotzkin asked Rav Chaim if he would advance the baking of his matzos in order to allow for them to be shipped to the United States in time for the Yom Tov of Pesach. Rav Chaim happily agreed to the request. 


In recent weeks, despite major logistical challenges, it was arranged for a matzah bakery to be built in Rav Chaim’s very home on Rechov Rashbam in Bnei Brak. This “bakery” includes the traditional “water room” and “flour room,” as well as tables for the dough to be rolled on and a proper matzah oven. The matzos are being prepared by a select group of men, all close talmidim of Rav Chaim, with the operation being carried out under the supervision of the She’airis Yisroel hashgachah.


Before the start of the baking, Rav Chaim inspected the entire bakery to ensure that it is in accordance with the strictest level of hiddur. Rav Chaim then poured the water into the flour to begin the process, later rolling out the dough himself. After each matzah emerges from the oven, Rav Chaim himself examines them. They are then placed in special boxes and prepared to be transported overseas for use on the leil haSeder, sent to a select group of outstanding Torah supporters in appreciation of those who have come to the aid of Rav Sorotzkin.


Rav Chaim has bentched all the supporters and donors of Yeshiva Ateres Shlomo, blessing them with the brachos assured to those who are machzik Torah. Rav Chaim likewise expressed his heartfelt brachah to Rav Sorotzkin that he have the koach to continue shepherding the citadel of Torah that operates under his aegis.

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