WATCH: Dr. Zelenko Denied Hydroxychloroquine By Walgreens Pharmacist


NEW YORK (VINnews) — Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, an Orthodox Jewish doctor who rose to fame last March by promoting Hydroxychloroquine, a drug he claimed had successfully treated coronavirus, was denied that very drug in a Walgreens Tuesday evening.

Zelenko arrived in Walgreens with his prescription to pick up the medication, which he said he presribed for himself and has been using for over a year. But the pharmacist refused to hand over the medicine.

When asked why, the pharmacist initially said it’s because the prescription was written for Lupus, even though it actually isn’t being used for that. Zelenko immediately asks him how he knows this. The pharmacist, not having an answer for this moves on to his second reason, claiming that he is not allowed to dispense it for reasons related to COVID.

Again Zelenko immediately askes him where he got this information from. The pharmacist then claims the guidelines came from the state.

After Zelenko presses further, the pharmacist fumbles around on his computer, looking for these alleged guidelines, but is unable to produce anything.

Zelenko eventually leaves the pharmacy, after taking the pharmacist’s name and supervisor information.

Watch the full encounter below.

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