Mrs. Rochel Blobstein ע”ה רחל בת צבי

Family getting up:
Dr. Heshy Blobstein
R’ Shamai Blobstein
Friday & Motzei Shabbos will be sitting in Monsey: at 17 Cameo Ridge 917-226-9949
Mrs. Fagie Wahrman

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Miriam rosenberg
Miriam rosenberg
3 years ago

I miss you bobby! I dont even know any words for my feelings. You and zeidy ztl together always believed in us! You gave us so much. Physically, spiritually and emotionally. I will iyh cherish those shabbos morning davenings together in shul with you. The shabbos afternoons … When we were lil kids , every night coming over and on fridays מיט א קיגל and blueberry pie. There is no way to list even a quarter of what bobby together did 4 us. Please beg the aibishter 4 all of us

Luv Miriam Chanala