Kusto Group: “We do not sell square meters, but pleasure for life”


With many years of experience and by constructing bespoke projects, Kusto Group can customize each of its ventures to the specific needs of their clients.

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Pools, a private marina club, a jacuzzi, playgrounds and a Zen Stone garden; these are just some of the many extraordinary features you can indulge yourself in if you live on Kusto Group’s Diamond Island.

The luxurious residential area was completed in 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and consists of 29-story apartment towers named after five famous resort islands; Hawaii, Bora Bora, Bahamas, Maldives and Canary.

Kusto Group’s ambitious project set a new standard in luxury development, since Diamond Island is the only island within Ho Chi Minh City that utilizes all the advantages of its waterfront location.

Each of the 1,323 apartments on Diamond Island have sweeping views of the rivers surrounding the island all the way up to Ho Chi Minh City’s buzzing Central Business District.

Residents can use the island’s 50 meters Olympic standard pool, the resort pool and pool bar as well as the 2300 m2 waterpark for kids.

Furthermore, the inhabitants can go on water taxis or a yacht along the Saigon River.

Playgrounds, an amphitheater, a private marina club, a jacuzzi and a Zen Stone garden are also part of Kusto Group’s immaculate project.

There was a lot of demand for the apartments on Diamond Island when the “for sale” signs went up. 70% of the units in the Hawaii tower were sold on the first day, while 85% of the condos in the Bora Bora tower also only needed one day on the market to get snapped up.

COVID-19 has changed what people want

After Kusto Group’s successful completion of the Diamond Island, the CEO of Kusto Home, Murat Utemisov, has continued to use his experience from the luxury complex in Vietnam in other Kusto Group projects, such as Koktobe City in Kazakhstan.

The neighborhood is being developed in Almaty with four-story apartment buildings and public spaces where inhabitants can buy groceries in a supermarket, work out in a gym and have their favorite meals in a restaurant without leaving the complex.

The low-rise building style in Koktobe City is inspired by Munich, Germany, and all of the apartments have balconies so residents easily can get fresh air and enjoy the mountainous views.

The pandemic has made adjustments to the values of people living in cities; we do not want to live in an apartment we cannot go out of. Remember the quarantine, balcony barbeques and treadmills in the kitchen? Here, each apartment has a terrace, either on the roof or on the ground floor. I am sure that Koktobe City is the best alternative to a private home,” the Kusto Home CEO, Murat Utemisov says.

“We do not know what the world will look like in a year or five years, and our task is to offer a product that will be in demand at any time in terms of quality, consumer properties and infrastructure,” he continues.

To accommodate peoples’ need to be outside, Kusto Group is building workout zones for all ages as well as boulevards with gazebos, benches and playgrounds.

Kusto Group: “Mass development is not for us”

While Murat Utemisov sees similarities between the two luxury compounds in Vietnam and Kazakhstan, Kusto Group did have to take extra measures into consideration regarding Koktobe City.

“For Almaty with its high seismic activity, seismic resistance is an important parameter when choosing buildings. To be certain on this issue, we invited an expert from Japan, Mr. Kazuo Watanabe. He showed us where to strengthen and where to pay attention to in construction, and we now have a project according to Japanese safety standards,” the Kusto Home CEO explains.

Seismic activity can lead to earthquakes, and about 10% of the cost of the houses in Koktobe City goes to seismic resistance.

According to Kusto Group, the company is able to adjust to the clients’ needs, such as the utilization of the rivers on Diamond Island and the outdoor areas and seismic activity in Koktobe City, because they do bespoke projects.

“Mass development is not for us. Therefore, we pay special attention to every aspect of construction, from foundation to finishing and landscaping. In Koktobe City, we also offer parking, a terrace, a school, sports grounds, a pool, a sports and arts center and a gym. We do not sell square meters, but positive emotions and pleasure for life,” Murat Utemisov states.

Stage one of Koktobe City is already finished, and residents have moved in, and the third stage was supposed to be ready at the end of 2021.

Kusto Group has been working hard on the project and, therefore, believes that they will be able to have the compound finished ahead of time.

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