Anglo-Israeli Grandma Goes Viral After Hilarious Interview With Israeli Anchor Rafi Reshef


JERUSALEM (VINnews)— Effi Hercky, an effervescent 81-year-old Anglo-Israeli never expected to rise to stardom at her stage in life, but a short interview with Israeli anchor Rafi Reshef has catapulted her onto center stage. Hersky’s heavy English accent, bubbly personality and comical interludes (she was interviewed in the gym, flexed her muscles for Reshef and then asked him if he is married) led her interview to go viral. Reshef even granted her a follow-up interview on his show, sensing the popularity she was getting.

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Suddenly she is famous but doesn’t find it so comfortable, refusing to give autographs in  Netanya where she lives. Hercky has even been mimicked on a popular comedy show, Eretz Nehderet, in which actors dress up as popular public personalities.

Hercky married a Holocaust survivor and made aliya with him to a kibbutz, but he was killed in a tragic car accident 7 years later and she was left to bring up her children by herself. Yet she projects real joie de vivre and has been volunteering to cheer up patients at the Reut rehabilitation hospital for the past 20 years.

“Life is fun and life is good…and there’s no other place in the world I’d rather live in,” Hercky says about herself.

I24 news interviewed Hersky in English about her newfound celebrity status:

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