United Torah Judaism Mocks ‘Bark Mitzvah’, Compares To Reform Conversions


JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A clip by the UTJ party has aroused fierce opposition in secular political circles, after it portrayed reform conversions by using dogs wearing Jewish symbols such as a Kippah and Tefillin. The clip mocks the custom among some reform Jews of making a sort of ‘bark mitzva’ for their dogs, and says that if courts will decide who is Jewish, dogs will also be accepted.

The clip was published in the wake of the Israeli supreme court decision to recognize Reform and Conservative conversions for the purpose of granting Israeli citizenship under the Law of Return.  However secular politicians and journalists understood it to be comparing reform Jews to dogs and reacted angrily to the clip.

The Haaretz newspaper headline read: “Netanyahu Allies Compare Reform Jews to Dogs in Racist Election Ads”. Meretz MK Yair Golan wrote that “according to UTJ’s propaganda, reform Jews are simply dogs and whoever underwent a reform conversion. If that isn’t an antisemitic caricature then what is? How can you dare to say that 70% of American Jews are not Jewish? Where is the communal responsibility, where are the 70 expressions of the Torah, where is the concern for converts. Today I feel a deep shame for my people.”

Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid wrote that “my father told me once that on the Budapest parliament there was a large sign: ‘No entry for Jews and dogs.’ Antisemites throughout the ages compared Jews to dogs. Now UTJ has joined them. Disgusting.”

Others however pointed out that there is no comparison between reform Jews and dogs but merely a statement of how far the court could go in recognizing Jews. The clip of a ‘bark mitzvah’ is taken from a real party performed for such a dog:


Facebook also removed the clip, claiming that it compares humans to dogs and “violates community rules regarding hateful speech.”


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