Best Poker Chip Tricks You Should Know


 Since the World Poker Tour took off, chip tricks became even more popular, so many professional poker players on TV were doing chip tricks. Some unique players have helped popularise poker tips, including Antonio Esfandiari. Esfandiari is exceptionally talented at chip tricks because he has exceptional finger talent due to his magician experience.

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While poker newbies enjoy chip tricks because they’re fun to do, if you want other players to get the idea that you are a seasoned player, they will sometimes give you an advantage in a poker game.

Forms of Tricks for Chips

Here is a list of some of the common tricks on chips. We arranged them in an intuitive and easy order.

  1. Bounce of Chip

This trick is just where you bounce the felt off a chip and make it crash onto your chip stack. Less about strategy and all about practice, this trick is. It would help if you also began to practice the chip’s bouncing to get a sense of the bounce’s trajectory and height. The trick is the angle it reaches the table at – the tip needs to be very tiny, and any slight inaccuracy would make the stack skip the chip.

2. From The Front To Back

This trick is where you keep a small stack of chips in your hand horizontally and move the front one to the other – and repeat it. Four chips to launch. You can do this trick for two or three chunks, but with around 3 to 5 chips in your palm, it is easier to do it. For all your thumbs, hold them, bar your pinky. Presuming you are using your right hand, drive your thumb and bring it up against the left-most chip. Then transfer it behind the other chips until it is up and bring it back. You have to be firm enough to keep the other chips, so they don’t move. 

This is why with specific chips, you’ll want to do so, so it’s better to hold a stack of chips to prevent them from being pushed around by your fingers’ action. Your pinky is on the middle of the poker cards order and holds the chips up as the other fingers make the chips. It is one of the more straightforward tricks to do, and once you understand how to do it, it quickly becomes routine.

3. Shuffle with Chip

This trick is just where you take at least two stacks of chips and embed them together through one large pile with your fingers. You should start with 6-8 chips because you should have two stacks of 3 to 4 chips next to each other. Your thumb goes to the bottom left side of the pile on the left. In all stacks, the index finger can go in and hit the chips where the chips intersect. On the right side of the proper stack of chips, the middle and ring fingers go. Most people do not see pinky. To launch the chip shuffle, when raising with your middle finger and bringing both stacks up simultaneously, you softly bring the two stacks together.

4. Roll of Chip

That’s where, from one hand to the other, you roll the chips over the poker table. With 3 to 5 chips, you can start. You should have the back of your hand right on the table (or a few inches above it), and the hand can be at an angle such that instead of being lost, the chips fall onto the table. The chips should be held between your thumb and your index finger. Your fingers will be in front of and behind the chips so that they fall off the fingers and onto the table as the chips are let go. Activate each chip slowly.

5. Twirl chip

With the chip twirl, using all your fingers except for your pinky, you keep a stack of precisely three chips at their ends. On the bottom is the ring finger holding the chips up and using the thumb and index finger, making the middle chip only sit there, to raise only the two outside chips. You should “lower” the medium chip simultaneously as you increase the two outer ones to do this. You either use your center or ring finger to rotate the bottom chip 180 degrees while supporting the chip on your pinky, which acts as the axis for it to turn on until the chips are split.

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