Get Refuser Dovid Wasserman Silences Social Media Campaign That Brought Awareness To Plight Of Agunah


NEW YORK (VINnews) — A get-refuser is fighting back against a massive social media campaign that was initiated to bring awareness to the plight of his Agunah and others. Ironically, he claimed a VIN posting with his photo was “bullying”. Bullying is something a get-refuser is accused of.

On Sunday, VIN published the case of Dovid Wasserman, who has kept his wife chained for the past 7 years. The facts of the case are, that Nechama Wasserman has made it remarkably easy for Dovid to give her a Get. As soon as they were separated, she arranged a very generous custody deal, which saw Dovid get 40% of custody. Besides for that, she is not requesting any child support or alimony. The only thing she has asked for is the right to move on with her life. Yet for 7 years, Dovid has refused to allow her that right. He also refused to ever come to Beis Din. Multiple Siruvim have been issued to this effect.

For this reason, it is ironic when Instagram notified VINnews that an instagram post laying out the facts about Dovid was removed for “bullying and harrassment,” as clearly Dovid is the bully in this scenario.

Below are the documents that were included in the instagram post in question.

What is perhaps even more disturbing in some ways, is that Dovid’s family has allegedly actively supported him these entire 7 years, without showing any evidence of trying to compel him to unchain his wife. In fact, VINnews was told that they went as far as to ask Nechama to pull out of the court process.

The only feeble attempt that was ever allegedly came after 4 years of being separated, when one of the brothers reportedly told Nechama that he was just on the phone with Dovid and asked him to give a Get, but “he yelled at me” and I “yelled at him,” and the conversation ended there.

Dovid resides in his mother’s home in Monsey, New York. No public records indicate that he is currently employed, and is reportedly getting financial support from a family trust fund. His family has paid for lawyers to represent him and continually subvert the divorce process.

According to information obtained by VINnews, no member of the Wasserman family has ever agreed to sit down with a Beis Din to discuss a path forward, despite being called to the table many times.

Dovid’s mother, Rivka Wasserman, is a known and well respected teacher at Bais Rochel in Monsey. It is inconceivable that someone of her supposed stature would sit idly by while her son exhibits such unconscionable behavior, let alone actively support him.

Yet when she was confronted by nechama’s brother and his brother-in-law in 2018 at a Shiur she was giving, she called the police and filed a restraining order that was actually approved for 2 years.

In response to this incident, Mrs. Wasserman testified in court against Nechama, saying that Dovid is a good father and that Nechama alienated the children. Her “proof” that Nechama alienated the children was that she told her story publicly on a podcast, and in addition, she allowed her brother to walk into her Shiur and “scare her”.

Bais Rochel of Monsey has been approached many times and questioned about their continual employment of Mrs. Wasserman, despite her support of Dovid’s behavior. However the school stood behind her every time, always saying that Mrs. Wasserman is a Rebbetzin, and if there’s anything she could actually do to help, they’re sure she would.

Bais Rochel of Monsey can be reached at (845) 352-5000.

In another similar example of Dovid’s family resisting confrontation rather than help Nechama, the same relative of Nechama’s visited a pre-school ran by Dovid’s sister Yocheved Adelman, to make other parents aware that they’re entrusting their children with someone who enables such behavior.

In this case also the police were called.

If the recent outpouring of support for social media campaigns calling for the release of Agunos is any indication, the Jewish community has had enough.


No longer are ordinary community members willing to stand by and watch women chained to their husbands with no hope to move on with their lives.

The Brooklyn Jewish community has put that on display recently by coming out in large numbers and rallying publicly in front of the homes of recalcitrant husbands.

As a result, we have seen at least 2 women receive their Get over the last week.

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Dovid’s behavior is inexcusable, and should not be tolerated by the community.

The enabling behavior of Dovid’s family is also inexcusable, and should not be tolerated by the community. It is up to Dovid’s family to take control of the situation, or at least come to the table for a discussion.

Dovid’s Parents:
Pinchos Wasserman
Rivky Wasserman

Dovid’s Siblings:
Shaya Wasserman
Shmuly Wasserman
Avi Wasserman
Yocheved Adelman
Sarala Muschel
Chany Barnetsky
Miriam Fruchter
Yanky Wasserman

In 2019, Nechama went on the Halacha Headlines podcast to tell her story publicly. Readers are encouraged to listen to it to learn more.


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